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   Born in Glasgow, Montana (which is a little more than a hop, skip, and jump away from the Canadian Border) on October 1st, 1988 it would become apparent that Brandon was born to be a nomad. Soon after his birth Brandon and his family relocated to Wolfpoint, Montana. At the age of two Brandon's Mother, Sharon, and Father, Mark, divorced and Brandon's Mother relocated Brandon and his half-brother, Tyler, to Dillon, Montana. There Brandon's Mother proudly graduated college at the University of Montana Western and accepted a job that would again relocate she and Brandon for one final time to Helena, Montana. During this move Tyler would instead go to Kalispell, Montana to live with his father. Brandon turned eight that fall...This next period of Brandon's young life would forever set a foundation for how he veiwed and approached life. 

   Starting school in a new town with people he had never met enoucraged an already timid boy to embrace the quiet and Brandon found himself reading, what could only be called drawing at this point, and singing along to two albums his mother had given him upon their move to Helena; The Outfeilders Play Deep and Don Mclean's Greatest Hits. After several months Brandon found himself to be the recipient of a full year scholarship to Grandstreet Theatre's after school program. He would spend the next eleven years of his life attending Grandstreet Theatre School and performing in many of their productions. At the age of fourteen Brandon was given the great oppertunity to join the cast of Montana Shakespeare Company's  Twelfth Night or What You Will. A truely great oppertunity that helped shape Brandon as an actor in the years to come


  A couple of years went by and Brandon had turned Seventeen and that's when he picked up his first guitar; a hand-me-down from a friend.  


  Graduation of High School and Grandstreet Theatre school, which Branndon still insists was a far more meaningful and powerful moment in his life than graduation from High School, caught up very quickly with Brandon and he had an itch to move and not just to a new town, but to an enirely new state and with that thought came this one: "I think maybe I should go to school..."  The story goes that Brandon was accepted on Friday and arrived in San Francisco, California on Tuesday to start school at The Art Institue of California San Francisco having missed the first two days of classes of course. Once there he met his five new roommates none of whom he had met before. There Brandon would become more acquainted with the singer/songwriter inside of himself.


   Months went by and things hadn't gone as he thought they would. Brandon found himself severly depressed and as he and his once roommates now close friends summized: "This isn't where you're meant to be..." Heading back to Montana to regain his bearings Brandon eventually through the guidence of a trusted friend, Marianne Adams, found himself in Lincoln, Nebraska where he would obtain his Bachlor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre from Nebraska Wesleyan University.


So what does Brandon do now?


Well explore the rest of this site to find out.  

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