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The Indestructible Band


Just your local Handyman Band- Homemade Handmade Rock and Roll.

An energetic rock and roll group with such a diverse background of experience both musical, and otherwise, that they can only be described as perfect for each other. Creating sounds reminiscent and yet unique, the band remarks that they hear "You sound like someone else, I don't know who, but I love you guys!"  


We love you guys too.

Nic Bellavia

Hailing from Omaha, NE, Nic lends his talents as the lead guitarist for the band. Inspired by The Red Hot Chilipeppers and Steve Vai Nic's guitar is often atmospheric and dreamy invoking a mood kin to the song at hand. Quiet and always with a joke Nic also lends his voice to the band on ocassion.

Marco Aldana

Proclaiming himself a lover of all things apple and after all how could he not be; born and raised in Nebraska City, NE  Marco finds an exciting rythm in life and brings it to the band in the form of the bass. A high energy man on stage  Marco brings that engery and focuses into his often exciting and charismastic bass parts.  

Domonic Thoendel

Small town boy with a big boy horn. Domo, as the guys like to call him, is a Trumpet player with a lot of heart and a great big smile. His parts are often melodic finding a harmony with vocal and guitar parts within the songs. Aside from Trumpet Domonic also adds misclaneous procussion and backing vocals to the band. 

Ryne Sorenson

Parum-pum-pum on his drum. Ryne lays a rock solid foundation when he plays with the band. Imaginative and spontaneous he treats the drums as an instrument rather than a metronome. Often roaming around the country due to his full-time job Ryne is a founding member of the band and is part of the inspiration for the distinctive attitude towards music. And it's always a pleasure when they get to play together. A true Fremonster if ever you would meet one.

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