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The Ghostwriter...

“It's so strange...” Brandon has stated many times when asked specifically about his music and why he writes songs.


Brandon didn't start out as many young musicians do; with a family member who is particularly good at playing or interested in the world of music. In fact Brandon himself states that he always loved music but he wasn't particularly good at  singing along with tunes, let alone playing any instruments. Brandon didn't  start learning to play the guitar until he was 17. With the help of two friends he was given a hand-me-down guitar and one lesson after which Brandon was on his own.


“Writing songs was my way of learning how to even attempt to play the guitar… and as I got older writing became more important to me for different reasons. Music and being a singer/songwriter for me was just a way to communicate my thoughts since I’ve never been the best at saying very meaningful things to those around me…”


Teaching himself the guitar and writing songs Brandon was encouraged by several close friends to start playing at Firetower Coffee’s open mic night in Helena, MT. People liked the music and Brandon was happy to receive a warm welcome to the songs that he held so close to his heart.


“The strange part about some of my songs to me is that the everyday me gives way to a much more sincere version of myself. So sometimes it seems like I’m a ghostwriter everyday, except when I play my music.”


After moving to San Francisco, CA Brandon Joined the West Coast Songwriters and through them made connections with groups that needed a fill-in guitar player and became an on-call guitarist; which usually meant that he would receive a call the day of a show and then travel to wherever he was needed. Often times Brandon was met with a piece of paper with a set list and guitar chords or notes about songs prompting him to often wear a brimmed hat on stage, so the stage lights wouldn’t get in his eyes while playing from these pieces of paper, earning the nick name: 'the kid with the hat.'


Since then Brandon has enjoyed playing open mic nights and shows  sharing his original music.


Currently Brandon is working to produce an album. 

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