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Raised on the street...

“If there has been a constant thing to return to in my life it has been theatre and the performing arts…”


Since a young age Brandon has been part of the world of live theatre. Being the lucky recipient of a full year scholarship to Grandstreet Theatre’s after theatre school program at the age of 8 Brandon fell in love with the world that it created.


Not necessarily the world of theatre of itself, but the safe haven it created for him as a shy and fearful child.


“People scare me… I don’t know how to deal with or meet new people- Don’t get me wrong I like people, but I’m not ever sure that they will return that feeling… Grandstreet theatre introduced me to people who really did care…”


Having a place to grow without the fear of rejection Brandon spent the next 11 years of his life growing as a person and as an actor.   And before he knew it he fell in love with the idea of sharing stories and his love and passion through theatre. Be it a musical, a play, or comedy sketch Brandon would perform and do it all for the love of sharing the story with those willing to receive it. He flourished on and off the stage of Grandstreet and even became so enthusiastic to be given the nickname The Kidd by Mr. Tom Cordingly.


Despite having such a connection with theare Brandon didn’t at first attempt a career in theatrics…


“I remember vividly Marianne Adams telling us theatre school kids on more than one occasion that; ‘if we could do anything else we should’ So I tried.”


At the age of 18 Brandon left Helena, MT and moved to San Francisco, CA where he attend the Art institute of California, San Francisco. After many events and several years however Brandon would obtain his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre at Nebraska Wesleyan University.


“I still go back to Grandstreet. As much as I can I go back… What can I say I was raised on the street; Grandstreet…”

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